Syria, MISO (Military Information Support Operation) And Other Distasteful Spin

By Christof Lehmann for NSNBC – The proverb “the first victim of war is truth” has proven to be one of the most reliable constants of warfare. Deceit is another of the constants, and in the war on Syria both have proven their reliability. The extent, however, to which everything from strongly biased reporting, to plainly manufactured lies have been sold as truth by Western and Arab Media, including so called “progressive media” such as Democracy Now or Al Jazeera, is astounding, and has endowed the proverb the first victim or war being the truth, and the strategy of war by deceit with a new dimension of mass manipulation.

If one is asking the question if the US Military made the decision to re-define PSYOP, orPsychological Operations as MISO, Military Information Support Operation in 2011 because Western Main Stream Media had been catching up with Western Civilian and Military Intelligence Services and Armed Forces Propaganda, one may risk to intellectually give the impression of being the proverbial dog that is trying to catch his own tail.

The saddening truth is, that even most of the so called progressive media, humanist media, and by what other name they sale themselves to a public that is willing to look beyond the obvious propaganda, have been co-opted, reigned in, and become part and parcel with NATO´s war´s under the pretense of  being humanitarian, of supporting a legitimate opposition that is being brutally oppressed by the dictator Assad.

One question that begs serious consideration for citizens in so called Western Democracies is Continue reading